ArchiKlip works only with SketchUp files.
To use with Revit, convert your project to SketchUp with our rvt2skp plugin.

rvt2skp also conserves all your files settings :

rvt2skp conserves geometry, materials & textures

Accurately conserves
geometry, materials and textures.

rvt2skp automatically converts 3D views to scenes


Follow these 5 simple steps to get an AI-powered fly through video of your Revit project:

Step 1
Set up 3D views in your Revit project

Step 2
To convert your Revit project to SketchUp, Download and install the rvt2skp plugin for Revit, then export your .rvt to .skp

Step 4
Drop your new .skp file in ArchiKlip, verify the scenes and rendering of your project, then click 'Export'

Step 5
Wait for the export, then check your email for a download link of your mp4 video

With the 3D Suite, you get full access to Kubity, rvt2skp, and ArchiKlip and 3D2VR by SPK Technology. Buy the 3D suite here.

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What's in the suite? Four easy-to-use immersive tools for SketchUp and Revit:
Kubity, ArchiKlip, rvt2skp and 3D2VR. Buy it here.


Already have rvt2skp? Drop your .skp file into ArchiKlip to start a video export.