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Do you sell products, services, or real estate?

Create 3D video renders that engage clients and sell your ideas.
● Automatic, fast, and easy.
● Less than $125 for a 60-second video clip.
● Get deliverables in minutes, not days.
ArchiKlip for SketchUp

Do you create in SketchUp?

Get walkthrough video renders of your SketchUp models, automatically.
● Simple drag & drop web app interface.
● Cloud-based 3D engines powered by Artificial Intelligence.
● Nothing to learn. Nothing to install.

What is ArchiKlip?

Save SketchUp animation as video

ArchiKlip is a SketchUp web app that automatically renders scenes in photorealistic detail and exports them in mp4 video format.

How It Works

Step 2 icon - Drag & Drop .skp into ArchiKlipStep 3 icon - Verify and accept quoteStep 4 icon - Download your SketchUp MP4 videoStep 5 icon - Share animation to clients
Set up scenes
in SketchUp
Drag & Drop .skp 
into ArchiKlip
Verify and
accept quote
your mp4 video
your work anywhere
Step 1 icon - Set up scenes in SketchUp
Set up scenes in SketchUp.
Drag & Drop .skp into ArchiKlip.
Verify and accept quote.
Download your mp4 video.
Showcase your work anywhere.

Don't have a SketchUp file? Contact your 3D modeller and tell them about ArchiKlip.

ArchiKlip By the Numbers


We use “klips” as a unit to calculate cost. Multiple “klips” may be combined to create longer videos.

SketchUp film length

One klip is 12 seconds of film. For longer videos, each additional 12-seconds costs 1 extra klip.

Photorealistic frames in full HD

Up to 300 photorealistic frames per klip in full HD.

Get your SketchUp animation MP4

MP4 download.

1 klip

up to 12s


ArchiKlip Beta price $15
Pack of
10 klips

up to 2mn


ArchiKlip Beta price $140
Pack of
150 klips

up to 30mn


ArchiKlip Beta price $2000
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Need more than 1000 klips?

Send us a mail at

*Billing currency is determined by your location. You will be billed in either USD ($) or EUR (€).

Get your first 60-second video FREE!

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Frequently Asked Questions

ArchiKlip icon - What is ArchiKlip?

What is ArchiKlip?

ArchiKlip is a SketchUp web app that automatically renders scenes in photorealistic detail and exports them in mp4 video format.

When automatic rendering of your animation is complete, you will receive an email with a link to download your mp4 file.

ArchiKlip free klips

Can I try it for free?

Yes! Every new ArchiKlip account comes with 5 free klips. This allows you to export up to 60 seconds of film or several shorter videos.

ArchiKlip preview video

Can I preview my video?

It is not yet possible to preview a video with ArchiKlip, but you can preview a version of the video in SketchUp (camera pathway, transitions, etc.) after setting the scenes. ArchiKlip automatically renders the 3D model in photorealistic detail, so it is important to use quality textures in the original SketchUp model.

Learn more about how to set up a 3D model before exporting with ArchiKlip in our help center.

Dollar sign icon - cost Klip ArchiKlip

How is billing calculated?

A "klip" is the unit we use to calculate cost.
‣ 1 klip = scene export rendered and animated between 1-12 seconds long
‣ Klips may be combined for videos longer than 12 seconds
‣ Example: 36 seconds of film costs 3 klips

Buy klips in bulk and save! See pricing for details.